Tuesday, August 12, 2008

End of the Problem-of-the-Day Contest, On to New Adventures

The problem of the day contest ended one week ago. Our winner at camp was Lucas Brown, followed closely by Jonathan Lilley. Tyler Fitzgerald and Ben Zinberg were third and fourth. Fantastic prizes were awarded to all.

Now that I'm going on to new things and new ways of life, the problem of the day will probably become the "occasional problem when I see an interesting one, supplemented by other various things that are on my mind". That's sort of what the blog was intended for anyway. It covers various things I'm thinking about, but only has a one-arcsecond window on the breadth of human experience.

My next adventure is to travel to the California Vipassana Center in North Fork, to learn a certain form of meditation. It's a ten-day course that involves a rather extreme schedule of 10 hours of meditation a day, no talking, reading, writing, exercising, doing physics, looking at females, contacting the outside world, or in general doing anything that would distract from the task at hand (you wouldn't want to be distracted from doing nothing, would you?) So I'll be completely off the radar until Aug 25 or so.

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