Friday, September 12, 2008

Interview with Brian Greene

Brian Greene gave me a half hour interview earlier this week. I asked him some obligatory questions about his new book, Icarus at the Edge of Time. After reading the book (twice. It's very short.), I think Greene is a bit out of his league in writing fiction. Nonetheless, he gave some good insight on the relationship between thinking like a scientist and thinking like a writer, and how one could do both.

I was nervous enough during the interview to have a hard time afterwards remembering exactly what we had talked about (I recorded it, of course), but not so nervous as to be completely incapable of creating follow-up questions on the spot after getting his answers to my prepared ones.

What's more - Brian Greene appeared a little bit nervous, too. His tapped his foot throughout the interview and began every single response with the word "well" (which I deleted from the transcription, along with about two hundred of my own "um"s, "uhh"s, and "so"s.)

This should come out in the school paper, in some shorter form, once the new school year starts, but for the time being check out the link to Ideotrope at the top of the post.

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